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Managing Stormwater in our Backyards*

*A project of the Garrett Hill Coalition and project partners including Radnor Township, Radnor Memorial Library, Aqua America, Bryn Mawr Boy Scout Troop 19, Chanticleer Garden, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Villanova University Urban Stormwater Partnership and the Garrett Hill Community Enhancement Trust, with thanks to all!

Program Summary, October 2013

Program Events:

Rain Garden Sign, Clem Macrone Park (810 Conestoga Road, Radnor Township) - installation of an educational sign at the rain garden to take place soon in spring 2014.

Rain Barrel Installation, Cowan Park - the demonstration rain barrel will be sited at Cowan Park comfort station in Wayne, PA.

Managing Stormwater in Our Backyards: Rain Barrel Workshop - a information on use and installation of a rain barrel at your home, March 2013.

Managing Stormwater in Our Backyards: Rain Garden Workshop - a workday and demonstration installed a rain garden at Macrone Park - October 2012.

Managing Stormwater in Our Backyards: How to install a Rain Garden (and Why) - a presentation on Rain Garden basics for homeowners took place in September 2012. Video is available here.

Demonstration Projects:

Rain Garden Installed in Macrone Park On October 27, 2012, the GHC WREN program partners completed installation of the rain garden in Clem Macrone Park. Work was carried out by Colin McCrossan leading Bryn Mawr Troop 19, together with Paul Overbeck and the Garrett Hill Coalition, John Nystedt of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and numerous neighbors and friends. The rain garden will slow and clean the stormwater and snowmelt draining from the Macrone parking lot.

Project workers installed the rain garden, knowing that hurricane Sandy was headed our way. The garden managed the excess stormwater from Sandy without damage to its structure or plants.

Project Journal

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Our Watershed

Delaware River Watershed - Darby Creek
Valley Run - Garrett Hill
Radnor Township Valley Run


Project News:



*This program has been funded in part by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund through a Section 319 federal Clean Water Act grant for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. WREN Garrett Hill Coalition and project partners: 
Radnor Township    ●    Radnor Memorial Library    ●    Aqua America    ●    Bryn Mawr Boy Scout Troop 19    ●    Chanticleer Garden    ●    Delaware Riverkeeper Network   ●    Villanova University Urban Stormwater Partnership
Rain Gardens
Rain Barrels
What is a rain garden? What is stormwater?
How can we all help? Rain barrel basics
Activity pages for youth Paint your rain barrel!
  Radnor Library resources

Rain Garden construction manuals from several sources:

Philadelphia Water Department
Rutgers University - New Jersey
Fairfax County - Northern Virginia
University of Wisconsin Extension

Rain Barrel resources:

Philadelphia Water Company
- rain barrel installation
- homeowners' guide to stormwater

Warrington EAC plans (do-it-yourself)
Portland, OR

Stormwater Resources for Property Owners


Radnor Township Stormwater Management - ordinances, reports, flood questionnaire

Radnor Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Environmental and Natural Resources (Darby Creek watershed)

Delaware County Conservation District

Pennsylvania League of Women Voters Water Resources Education Network

Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Villanova University Urban Stormwater Partnership

Philadelphia Water Department


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Native Plant Database

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Landscaping with Native Plants

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NCRS) Plants Database - Use search help to develop use of this site which is comprehensive and effective at selecting plant species


Delaware Riverkeeper Network, drn@delawareriverkeeper.org

Think Green LLC

Brendan Gibbons Company

Land and Stream Improvements, LLC

Mayfield Gardens, Newtown Square

Do It Best Hardware, Wayne PA

Camel's Hump Rain Barrels

Penn State Lab


Many local garden centers offer a range of native species appropriate for planting in a rain garden. 

American Native Nursery, Quakertown, PA

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery, Orefield, PA

North Creek Nurseries, Landenberg PA

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery, Kirkwood, PA (wholesale)

Pinelands Nursery and Supply, Columbus, NJ (wholesale)

Redbud Native Plant Nursery, Glen Mills, PA